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[BL] - Toast by litheruh [BL] - Toast by litheruh

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:bulletorange: Name:  Toast

:bulletorange: Age: 18
:bulletorange: Gender: Male
:bulletorange: Height: 187 cm
:bulletorange: Weight: 81 kg

Food: Toast

:bulletorange: Personality: 
He's a very grumpy and lazy person that kind of dislikes people. in the past year he had calmed down and doesn't beat up everyone that talks to him but if someone really gets on his nerves he often snaps and gets very close to beating them. he's very jealous when it comes to Jam, he genuinely loves him even though sometimes it seems impossible that he could feel the feeling of love. He loves jam with all his heart and wouldn't ever let him go, he dislikes seeing Jam with other people, he hates it if Jam is with butter but he cant do much about it so he kind of lets it go now.. He's pretty cold when you first meet him, he'll probably ask you to leave him alone but he might warm up after a long, long while. Friendship probably wont go further then 'i don't mind you...' with him..

:bulletorange: Likes:
:bulletred: Eggs [he likes them for breakfast]
:bulletred: Jam
:bulletred: Sleeping
:bulletred: Teasing Jam
:bulletred: Manga
:bulletred: Lazing on the couch and reading manga

:bulletorange: Dislikes: 
:bulletred: Being woken up from sleeping
:bulletred: Butter
:bulletred: If people keep bugging 
:bulletred: Strange people touching jam 

:bulletorange: History:
As a little baby he was left at an orphanage. Being left there with no name the name Toast was given to him as he grew up. He was a rather quiet and sensitive child, not really having any friends except for Avo with whom he sometimes hung out. Avo got adopted at the age of six leaving toast alone again. Then he had to go to school.. he went to a public Elementary school. The kids there bullied him for his dumb name, because he was always alone, because he didn't have any parents.. He hated school, he hated all the kids there, he hated it, but he was forced to go.. he couldn't stay in his room in the orphanage all the time.. At school he did his best not to cry, then when he was back at the orphanage he locked himself in his room and cried.. he was all alone, no friends, no parents.. The world was a dark place to him, he didn't like it. He got bullied all through Elementary school but one day in the sixth grade, after six years of bullying, he snapped. Surrounded by the Children who had been bullying him for six years, swearing at him, making fun of him, making fun of how his parents had left him, pushing him, kicking him..  tears were streaming down his cheeks, he couldn't take it anymore. Something inside of him snapped, his tear filled eyes opened, an angry look in them, his arm pulled back and with his full force he hit one of the bullies in the face with his fist. The children were shocked for a moment but then started kicking him again. Toast couldn't hold it anymore and started fighting back, in the end they got separated by the teachers, they blamed toast.. how could the teachers be so unfair!? He had left the kids with some bruises and blue eyes. The kids left him alone for the remaining time in elementary school. 
Then he went to Middle school.. a different school, maybe it would be better..? 
But it wasn't really better, the bigger kids decided it was necessary to pick on Toast. It didn't seem like would be able to do much against them because at this point Toast wasn't all that tall yet. Toast didn't want to take it and resorted to beating them with the strength he had. The tormenting and bullying resulted in him beating up almost everyone that talked to him. 
After Middle school he moved on to High school. He had had a grow spurt and was quite tall now, that combined with the angry and grumpy atmosphere around him made it that no-one really approached him, he was fine with that.. it was better then the bullying.
Half way through High school he dropped out, it really didn't interest him in the slightest and it wasn't a place he liked to be. He went to live on his own in a house...

:bulletorange: Trivia: 
:bulletred: Jam is his cutieputie boyfriend, dont touch him
:bulletred: He will be very, very grumpy if he was woken up early, more grumpy then usual
:bulletred: Jam lives with him
:bulletred: Fullbody, Base colors and stuff

:bulletorange: RP methods: 
:bulletred: Lit or script is both fine
:bulletred: I'm almost always available, though when i have to go to school again i will be slightly less.. I'm always up for RP though! Don't hesitate to ask!!
:bulletred: I prefer Skype but if you don't have Skype notes is fine too


Fear the tust :iconmisakidarkplz: 
sodaichii Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2014  Hobbyist
Scary toast-kun is scary :iconshintaroscared3plz:
litheruh Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
toast will kill everyone that touches his precious jammu :iconmisakidarkplz: 
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